Mysimba versus Contrave

There are a lot of drugs that are being used in order to lose some weight. Just like Contrave, Mysimba is also a weight management or weight loss drug. It is used for weight management in adults (18+). In this article you will know about Mysimba uses, its risks and side effects along with its effect as compared to Contrave weight loss drug.

About Mysimba

Mysimba is actually a weight loss or weight management medicine utilized along with a healthy diet as well as exercise in order to manage or lose weight in the patients who are obese with a BMI of at least 30 or who are overweight with a BMI (Body mass index) of 27 and 30. BMI is an estimation that demonstrates body weight with respect to a person’s height, by knowing that, we can easily calculate how much weight loss we have to do.  Mysimba anti-obesity drug contains naltrexone and bupropion, which are authorized in the EU for several uses.

Mysimba weight loss medicine is designed, as an assistant to a decreased calorie diet in order to manage weight in patients aged 18+. The treatment with Mysimba weight loss drug ought to be ended after the use of it for four months if patients have not lost up to 5% of their body weight.

Use of Mysimba as a weight loss medicine:

Mysimba obesity treatment drug is accessible as tablets which contain 8 mg of naltrexone hydrochloride(7.2mg naltrexone) and 90 mg of bupropion hydrochloride(78mg bupropion). However, it should be used only if prescribed. After taking these tablets naltrexone and bupropion are discharged gradually from the tablet over a couple of hours. Mysimba weight loss drug treatment begins with just one tablet every morning. However, Mysimba tablets dosage is increased gradually over more than 4 weeks up to two tablets twice each day. Mysimba is ideally taken in combination with a healthy diet.

Patients ought to have their tolerability and reaction to the Mysimba obesity drug checked frequently and treatment ought to be halted in patients who have certain symptoms, for example a sudden increase in blood pressure.

Benefits of using Mysimba Obesity Drug:

The effects of Mysimba in diminishing body weight have manifested in 4 principle contemplates including up to 4,500 patients who was overweight, in which Mysimba was contrasted with placebo. During the study on Mysimba, the patients were given the medication as a component of a health improvement plan including advising and exhortation on healthy food and workout.
The principle measures of viability were the rate decrease recorded in body weight after more than 1 or 2 months of treatment along with the patients’ proportion who accomplished up to 5 percent loss in their weight. The Mysimba obesity drug studies likewise took a gander at the number of patients who accomplished more stringent 10 percent of loss in weight, and the outcomes were dissected utilizing different techniques to assess the number of patients who did not finish the studies.
According to the three studies on Mysimba, the normal weight reduction in the adults who was treated with Mysimba was from 3.7 to 5.7 percent while with placebo, it was from 1.3 to 1.9 percent. The patients treated with Mysimba anti-obesity drug and who accomplished 5 percent weight reduction went from 28 to 42 percent contrasted with 12 to 14 percent by using placebo treatment.

The level of change in weight with the use of Mysimba as compared with placebo was comparative utilizing distinctive strategies of analysis, despite the fact that the advantages were littlest with the most moderate techniques that accepted patients who did not finish the studies would not have seen any change in weight. The treatment impact was more seen in the people who finished the treatment of more than 2 months, or who had lost no less than 5% of their unique body weight by 4 months.

Side effects of using Mysimba Weight Loss Drug:

One of the most basic side effects a person can experience after using Mysimba is vomiting as well as nausea along with dry mouth and constipation. There are few more, however, these are the common ones.  Mysimba must not be utilized by some specific patients due to the specific danger of side effects, such as the individuals who ever had seizures, patients with seriously reduced kidney or liver capacity, those with hypertension that is not under control or the people with some certain mental issues or even the person having a brain tumor. These people can experience dangerous side effects after using Mysimba.


Mysimba and Contrave:

Mysimba and Contrave, both are used for weight loss by adults as prescribed by the doctor. Both of these are much similar to each other as they both contain Naltrexone and Bupropion in them.


These weight loss drugs can be purchased from online drug stores, However, Naltrexone HCl/bupropion HCI is also approved as Mysimba by European Commission.  On the other side, Orexigen Therapeutics in Partnership with Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Rovi, S.A also announced the Spanish Launch of Mysimba


Note: Mysimba is authorized yet it is not recommended or prescribed. It should NOT be used without the doctor’s prescription as all the information provided above is based on the news and information available on the Internet.